"Sophe Lux has got something, and it’s more than wide-eyed flamboyance that says ‘artsy’: she has a charisma that radiates from every note and between every note. Mystic(al) and magical, All Are One is at once a pop album, and something joyously different." -Aural Agrivation

"Breathtaking" -Sea of Tranquility

"an otherworldly gospel tune in which a “robot shaman” narrator croons her neo-soul robo-ass off concerning the birth of a new and glorious world world, eventually climaxing in an orgiastic, cosmic call-and-response sermon: “We need your love! To help us find our way! To earth’s destiny!” -Tiny Mixtapes

“Sophe Lux sounds like Kate Bush fronting The Decemberists and Queen in all of it's glittery art rock gospel glory”  -WNYC's “Sound Check”

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