Your Wonderland 2017 Sophe Lux & The Mystic

Watch an Even Crazier Video from Sophe Lux & the Mystic
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Personal note: our own Uncle Blurt says he is hot for girls with blue mustaches….

By Blurt Staff

In September we uttered thusly: “The band used to be called Sophe Lux, but more recently expanded as Sophe Lux & the Mystic. Well, the name itself “expanded”. Where previously frontwoman Gwynneth Haynes operated the group, starting in 2002, as a vehicle for her self-described “cabaret-informed operatic-glam pageantry” and frequently tapped the talents of fellow Portlandians who were members of the Decemberists and Steven Malkmus’ The Jicks, her more recent iteration is a solo vehicle.”

That was for our premiere of Haynes’ “Love Is Waiting” track from her latest album All Is One, and this week she unveiled another way-trippy video from the record. It’s titled “Your Wonderland” and it’s all over the interwebs, no doubt sparking epileptic fits and chemically-induced flashbacks galore. 


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